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Our aim at Chayil Church is to get to know you and to serve you and your family. We are all born for a purpose. We will help you to grow, discover your gifts and talents, understand your purpose, and to make a greater difference in lives and in communities. We do this through our:


We are intentional about continued growth at every age and stage of our lives. The Chayil Pillars provide focused values and priorities in our character, lifestyle and purpose. We grow like Jesus with an eternal perspective of a prosperous life to be with Him forever.

Chayil Kidz

At Chayil Kidz we are dedicated to helping our Children grow like Jesus with God’s favor, values, and as witnesses of Christ. “Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God and people.” (Luke 2:52). We believe our children will make a difference in this world for the Kingdom of Christ and fulfilling their purpose.
Chayil Youth

Chayil Youth

We are intentional about the growth of our youth for holistic success in their character, relationships, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Every youth has a godly purpose in life as God’s son or daughter. We provide support for parents with their children in a purpose-driven atmosphere with worship and spiritual growth. (Ages 12-19).

Chayil Young Adult

Our vibrant young adults are growing together with a focus on their character, career, calling. If you are 19-25 we welcome you. Our small groups, life coaching program, events, fellowship and fun times make us a vibrant community and people of influence. Whether you are single or married, we welcome you to join us as together we grow, live, care, serve, and enjoy life together.
Chayil Young Adult


Our Chayil women are very active in ministry, small groups for growth and care, outreach, prayer, and fun-filled fellowship. We have a monthly Chayil Women Intl event (7:00pm) via Zoom for sharing and encouraging. We are connecting with women locally and globally. We are sisters, vessels of glory and a mighty company serving our King.


Our Chayil men are vibrant and involved in many ministries in our Church and community. Our monthly Chayil Men Intl Breakfast event (9:00am) is in Mississauga where men celebrate over food and fellowship. It is a time of sharing, praying, ministering to one another in small groups and most of all connections and relationships as a Chayil Company. We are brothers, vessels of glory and a mighty company serving our King.


Our Chayil Married Couples have a goal to nurture “Purpose-Driven Joyous Marriages”. Along with fun-filled, romantic events and excursions, we have seminars, week-end retreats, and life-coaching sessions. Relationships are built for continued support, accountability, and fellowship. We are Chayil.


Our seniors ministry is called “Fresh and Flourishing”. Their program includes educational seminars for continued growth, bible study for spiritual guidance, small groups to build relationships and fun-filled events, excursions and activities.


We will place you in a small group with like-minded people for growth, care, prayer, and support. Building relationships are important to us. We need one another. We are intentionally large enough to embrace God’s harvest, yet small enough to care through our CPG groups. We would love to meet with you.


We welcome you to start serving with us as a volunteer. Your gifts, talents, and heart to help others will be a great blessing to you and to others. When you start volunteering you will see the immediate difference you will make by serving on a Ministry Team. We have over 40 ministries in which you can serve. Whatever your interest there is a place for you. Call 905 566 1084 to learn more.

Church Mississauga


As a ministry we depend on the generosity of our faithful members and friends who believe in what we do and take ownership for greater impact and influence in transforming lives, helping the poor and victims in outreach, ands serving in our community and missions.


To belong to something bigger than yourself is a great opportunity. We have a 4-week membership course that is hosted after church every Sunday that will help you to get to know us more, understand your gifts and potential, and for you to be planted and established We are a Chayil Family.


Fellowship, relationships and community are important factors for our Chayil Church Family.  We have Houses of Grace throughout the GTHA where members and friends meet for growth, care, fellowship and support. Please call 905 566 1084 and ask for the one nearest to you.


We are serving in many local and global outreaches, helping the poor, the homeless, troubled youth, seniors and being a beacon of hope in our community and in nations. You are needed to help us to help others with your gifts, talents, time and resources to make a difference in the lives of people and in communities. Call 905 5661084 to learn more .


We are serving nations in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean by helping children and the poor, transforming lives with training and jobs, missions trips for health and medicine, and conferences. You are needed to help us to help others with your gifts, talents, time and resources to make a difference in the lives of people in our community and nations.