In October of 2020 I was bombarded with shortness of breath and palpitations.My condition worsened daily and i was admitted to Trillium hospital December 31,2020.Unaware of my surroundings i was dependent on the Drs&Nurses who attended to me.Having been subjected to a magnitude of diagnostic & exploratory tests,the medical team were unable to ascertain the level of care that was required .In addition to this,I contracted Covid 19 & this impacted my original symptoms tremendously. I was emaciated & was unrecognizable to those who knew me.After the end of January 2021, i was discharged with minimal conclusion on my health status.In September of the same year 2021, I had severe SOB, total body swelling,& chest pain i spent 2weeks in the hospital. I kept praying & praising God daily.I emersed myself constant prayer.This kept me balanced.After my discharged from the hospital in mid October. I was readmitted for a third time in April of 2022.As a Registered Nurse i was self diagnosing myself since the Drs were inconclusive in thei findings.I got to the point that I said God i will be 56yrs in a few days & i am tired of all the tests & blood work.I said God if you are taking me take me now & if you are making me live father heal me cuz i can't take anymore of this .I kept my faith in God.My older sister who is a retired Nurse suggested that i desist from asking God to heal me, but rather create an atmosphere of thanks & worship. Thanking God for healing me, for purifying me, for establishing me upon his solid rock.This is when the shifting began to manifest.Each day i was filled with praise & worship even in my hospital bed i was illuminated, all the prayers went up, i felt new, revived,innovative, i was the lioness, conqueror,ready to do all that God had for me.I lay in my roomflat on my face & humbled myself before my King Jesus.Am a fighter i did NOT give up on God & he certainly didn't give on me.To God Be All The Glory For Great Things He Has Done.Today I have written 12 songs and is currently working on my music videos & recording. The Glory Is Yours Lord

Vier Guy Toronto

I was on my way to get groceries at a supermarket and when I got out of the car, I saw this young lady with her husband. The LORD gave me a word for her, and I hesitated. She kept going in one direction and I in the other and I kept looking back, and the words inside grew louder. She was getting away from me and the LORD spoke to my heart "are you going to let this opportunity past you by". I have trouble to one with my legs and now in order to reach her I had to run after her (I ran after her with my leg not caring what affect it would cause for my time was running out to tell her) and gave her the words that the LORD had given to me when I first laid eyes on her. As I gave her the words from the LORD she began to cry and ask could she hug me. I stretch out my arms and gave her a big hug. She went on and I went my way and my burden to give her those words was lifted. It was a hot day, but I obeyed the assignment. People need the LORD and I learned that when HE speaks to our heart, .... for HIS sheep knows HIS voice, we (I) need not to hesitated, but obey.

Bettie Sands Vancouver

Dear Ps Pat, I am Dorcas Leong from Malaysia. I have been attending your FB broadcast whenever I can, for the past one year. I heard you speaking in one of Apostle Suubi's meeting and decided to take time to listen to your messages and I have been so blessed everytime I attended your services. I had this blocked ear, it comes on and off, for a few weeks and I have been praying to the Lord to open my ears . I have also dropped in ear ointment, but the problem will come back. During the Chayil Conversation, I decided to ask for prayers for my blocked ear. i was so blessed to the timely message and i told myself i will get my total deliverance today. I heard you pray for blocked ears and I said amen to that pray. The healing was gradual, and by the end of the day, i noticed that my ear was totally healed, unblocked Till today my ears are fine.. I praise the Lord for your prayers and message . Most of all, all glory to the Holy Spirit for the Word of Knowledge and prophecy. I am so blessed. Thank you Ps Pat and to your whole team too. Love you all, with the love of Christ.

Dorcas Leong Malaysia