Youth Missions & Outreach

Buffalo Missions Day Trip - 2023 Preparing Sons & Daughters

"The trip was refreshing for me not only on a spiritual level but also as a reminder to be grateful. It's a privilege to serve God's people and to be a blessing to others by showing up and extending compassion; being an extension of His heart towards people allows me to step outside of myself and what I desire or lack and see the beauty in all his has blessed me with and allowed me to be part of. It was beautiful to see young people worshipping and taking their leap of faith to ask questions and genuinely want to know more about God. It's a trip I will never forget, and it has stirred something in me and the youth who were part of it.

Alea Chayil Gen Youth

My experience in Buffalo was very eye-opening. It helped me learn to be more thankful and aware of what people have to go through. I also learned what sonship is. The teachings were excellent, and the analogies helped me understand the teachings better. The different activities we had were enjoyable, such as the video game truck. This was a perfect trip, and I hope we have more like it in the future.

Darren Chayil Gen Youth

The experience I had at Buffalo was an experience of giving food to the less fortunate and preaching the gospel to people we saw walking on the streets; from the service, what I took from it the most was that we should have consistency in what we do to get better at something for example if we want to be better at a hobby we do we cant only practice it once in a while. Still, we have to practice it multiple times consistently to get better at it. Another thing I took from the service was to separate yourself from certain situations and people holding you back from your potential.

Dominic Chayil Gen Youth

"What I took from the trip was changing my focus from what I can do to earn sonship to what the Lord has already done to make me a son. I used to get very stressed about always living up to the expectations of being a good Christian and thus being a good child of God, but now I've realized that it wasn't about what I do, but it was all about what He did. Jesus's atonement made my sonship possible, and to have His Spirit in me further confirms my title as a child of God."

Rene Chayil Gen Young Adult

The part I took away most from one of the ministers at Bethesda was that As sons and daughters, you don't have to earn your way back to God or perform for him to love you after you sin. God, as our Father, is forgiving and always waits for us to come to him with an open and honest heart. He knows we all make mistakes; therefore, he doesn't want us to make the mistake of separating from Him. And it was so good to be reminded that I am a daughter of God, and I know He will always be my Father.

Zoie Chayil Gen Youth

It was an excellent experience for her. She said she learned from the workshop that there is a difference between the Child and the Son of God.  Knowing that the son of God is more mature.   As a son of God, you focus on God more than yourself and let him lead you! Amazing experience in Buffalo!

Aleanna's Mom Chayil Gen Parent